Young couple on a hiking trip and smiling: a wonderful yellow and red leaved tree in the background A isolated chapel in the middle of nowhere on the peak of a mountain in Plan de Corones Smiling couple with wool jackets and beanies on two deckchairs next to a snowy slope A mountain biker on his bike looking at the panorama of the mountains of Plan de Corones

Plan de Corones vacation packages

For your dream holiday on this page you can find special vacation packages for your stay in the holiday region of Plan de Corones. A choice of superlatives hotels with the corresponding offers!

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VALDAORA - Hotel Scherer
from 08/09/19 to 06/10/19 - 3 nights
have a break - have a mountain Pirce per person: 4 days - 3 nights from € 165.-
from 02/10/19 to 06/10/19 - 4 nights
Enjoy 4 nights at Berghotel Zirm and you will have 1 day for free! From Euro 318,00 on, per person and for 4 nights!
BRUNICO - Hotel Reischach
from 22/09/19 to 20/10/19 - 4 nights
Autumn is a particularly enchanting time here in Reischach