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Holidays in Brunico and Riscone

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Brunico - small and inviting. In the main street you will find international fashion co-existing side by side with items of traditional clothing from the region. And it`s not only women who are attracted by the elegant shops with the latest in Italian fashion. When browsing into the shop windows of Brunico town or of the village in which you have spent your holidays, you might find exactly the craft work you were looking for.

You will also have a wide choice of classical and modern fashion. After a long day of walking or skiing there is nothing more pleasant or relaxing than a short shopping tour.

Riscone, a small village located on a hill above Brunico, the only large town in Puster Valley. The village`s name dates back to the legendary castle of Rischon.

This is the ideal place to fulfill memorable experiences in summer and in winter. A paradise for walkers and for anybody who loves nature, a beautiful panoramic point with a splendid view of the Dolomites. In wintertime numerous villages located very close to Brunico and Riscone offer modern lifts and 85 km of slopes.

Around 1250 the bishop of Bressanone Bruno of Bullenstätten and Kirchberg gave the order to build a castle on the hill and laid herewith, the first stone of Bruico, which was mentioned in documents up to 1256. Some famous artists were born in Brunico, also. One of these was the master of the Late Gothic, Michael Pacher. He created his arts in his house on the main road.

The villages sea levels:

Brunico 835 m
Riscone 935 m
Stegona 817 m
Teodone 856 m
San Giorgio 822 m
Villa S.Caterina 851 m