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There is no doubt about the specialness of the area of Monguelfo and Tesido. To the North there is the steep Ziller Valley, while the unusual Dolomite valleys appear to the South. Monguelfo and Tesido are two well kept villages that are proud of there heritage and have a lot to offer to their visitors: a great culture, and splendid landscape and magnificent scenery. Your holiday in Monguelfo and Tesido will be unforgettable.

Already in ancient times this area was a preferred settlement area for human nature. Here, the Romans built a castle, which had a settlement at its feet. In memory of the Romans, the road to Dobbiaco was named "Via Romana". In 1140 knight Welfo built his castle in this village. The castle is now the oldest in Puster Valley.

Some parts of the castle were destroyed in a fire, but thanks to extensive restoration works it is now open to the public and it has also become an ideal place for various events.

This was also fertile ground for many artists. Paul Troger (1698 - 1762), baroque painter, and Simon von Taisten (ca. 1460 - 1530) famous fresco-painter - with the real name of Simon Marenkl – used to live in this area.

Later on, the two famous artists Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and Arthur Schnitzler visited Monguelfo as part of their holidays. Hoffmannsthal was extremely impressed by the beauty of the landscape, and the panoramic view was his inspiration to finish his poem "Vor Tag".

The villages sea levels:

Monguelfo: 1087 m
Tesido: 1219 m

Monguelfo - Tesido

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