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Holidays in the Val Casies

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The Val Casies (Gsieser Valley) is easily reachable from Monguelfo in a Northerly direction. It is a side valley of the Puster Valley - about 18 km long, wide and sunny, perfect for your holidays. The hillsides of the Val Casies offer a splendid view of fir forests between the impressive peaks of the Vedrette di Ries and the Defregger mountain chain. Nature in this valley is still unspoiled, the air is pure and fresh, and you are guaranteed peace, quietness and relaxation.

The valley begins with the pittoresque villages of Colle (the lowest village), San Martino and Santa Maddalena. The last farms from this valley are located at 1,530 m above sea level.

The community consists of approximately 2,000 inhabitants. The main income streams are tourism and agriculture, which have given the village the character it has today. This wide and quiet valley offers relaxation, tranquility, a lot of nature, fresh air and - thanks to the busy, diligent farmers - an unspoiled environment and unstirred nature.

Father Joachin Haspinger, a Capuchin monk, was born in the valley. In 1809 he assisted in the victory of the Tyrolean army over the French and Bavarians at the Bergisel mountain near Innsbruck.

The villages sea levels:

Colle: 1260 m
San Martino: 1319 m
Santa Maddalena: 1400 m