Holidays in Falzes and Terento

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Falzes and Terento are located at the start of the Puster Valley on a sunny plateau. The green mountain offers great panoramic excursions to various alpine huts or - further away - to the unusual peaks of the Dolomites. A holiday you hardly ever will forget.

Thanks to the hilly landscape the villages are protected to the North by the high mountain crests, which hinder cold air from coming into the valley and the climate is therefore relatively mild. There is a reason why the road through the Puster Valley is called "Strada del Sole", meaning sunny road.

Excursions and mountain climbing is particularly popular in this area, and Terento is the starting point for numerous tours. Also very impressive are the pyramids, which demonstrate the extraordinary power of water.

Right behind the pyramids, the mill`s path starts. It portrays the great capability of our ancestors to use the power of nature.

The corn mills still run today and give visitors an insight as to what hard work daily bread baking really was for the farmers in those times.

Something else is special in this area: the Norway spruce with the shape of a column which has grown between Terento and Falzes. This is the only one of its kind in South Tyrol.

Thanks to the mild climate the first settlements were founded in this area. Spear-heads from 4000 years ago were found in Terento and Falzes. The name Pfalzen / Falzes comes from the Latin name "Palatium" and it used to be a castle.

The villages sea levels:

Falzes: 1022 m
Terento: 1210 m