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The villages Chienes, Casteldarne and San Sigismondo, are located where the Puster Valley begins to get wider, where the Rienza river flows quietly and where exquisite plateaus appear.

In the parish church of San Sigismondo, whose houses are scattered throughout the fields like dots on a carpet, a very particular treasure can be found: an altar from the Danube school, famous because it is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the whole of Tyrol.

Chienes is a friendly village located where the Verde river meets up with the Rienza river. The village is surrounded by wide fields, and above the village numerous farms are located on a sunny low mountain. Also part of Chienes is the romantic castle "Schöneck" hidden between high fir-trees.

Oswald von Wolkenstein, a poet, earl, knight and minnesinger, is said to have been born in the castle, which is today renovated and restored. Just as idyllic as the castle, is the little bathing-lake of Issengo at the center of a mixed forest.

Throughout the seasons Chienes offers many possibilities: in summer time as a bathing area and in autumn it is ideal for excursions.

Casteldarne village was built surrounding the hill of its castle, on which the parish church is also located. At the parish church you can admire the miraculous image of the Holy Mary of the wheat and the castle of Earl Künigl. This baroque castle is also known and appreciated for the amount of furniture inside it`s walls.

For miles you can walk through green pastures over low mountains and through a magnificent forest.

This is a truly romantic landscape for your holidays.

The villages sea levels:

Chienes: 835 m
Casteldarne: 806 m
S. Sigismondo: 835 m