Young couple on a hiking trip and smiling: a wonderful yellow and red leaved tree in the background A isolated chapel in the middle of nowhere on the peak of a mountain in Plan de Corones Smiling couple with wool jackets and beanies on two deckchairs next to a snowy slope A mountain biker on his bike looking at the panorama of the mountains of Plan de Corones

3 star hotels in Plan de Corones

Choose a 3 star hotel in the holiday region of Plan de Corones and be ready to spend a wonderful holiday in this incredible region. Just one step outside the hotel and dreamlike mountains will await you!

Valle di Anterselva

I-39030 Rasun di Sopra, Via Rasun di Sopra, 31
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I-39030 Anterselva di Sotto, Hotel Antholzerhof , 62
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Brunico & Riscone

I-39031 S. Giorgio, Via v. Trojer, 1
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Val Casies

I-39030 Planca di Sotto, , 17/a
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I-39030 Colle di Dentro, , 3b
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I-39030 Chienes, Via Josef Röd, 23
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Alp Cron Moarhof S
I-39030 Valdaora di Mezzo, Via Stazione, 3
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Kronplatz S
I-39030 Valdaora di Sotto, Via Parrocchia, 4
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I-39030 Valdaora di Sotto, Via Stazione, 27
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Am Park S
I-39030 Valdaora di Mezzo, Piazza Peter Sigmayr, 12
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Markushof S
I-39030 Valdaora di Sopra, Via Dei Prati, 9
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Falzes & Terento

Dolomitenblick S
I-39030 Terento, Via Walderlaner, 6
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San Lorenzo di Sebato

I-39030 Mantana, , 34
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I-39030 S. Martino (S. Lorenzo), Via Schwarzhorn, 1
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San Martino in Badia

I-39030 Antermoia, Str. S. Antone, 51
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San Vigilio di Marebbe

Mirabel S
I-39030 San Vigilio di Marebbe, Via Pelegrin, 11
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Aqua Bad Cortina & mineral baths S
I-39030 San Vigilio di Marebbe, Via Fanes, 40
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Romantic B&B La Stöa
I-39030 San Vigilio di Marebbe, Via Catarina Lanz, 30
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Monguelfo & Tesido

I-39035 Monguelfo, Via Riva di Sotto, 1/A
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Weisses Lamm S
I-39035 Monguelfo, Piazza Centrale, 1
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Chalet Olympia
I-39035 Monguelfo, Via Del Borgo, 5
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